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For Nonprofits and Students

For Nonprofits and Students

Essex County Community Foundation proudly supports the nonprofit sector operating in Essex County as well as student furthering their education.

Support for Nonprofit Organizations

Our local nonprofit organizations provide services and programs so critical to the quality of life for residents in our 34 communities. From feeding the hungry to preserving our open space to providing education and offering opportunities to enjoy the arts, the nonprofit community serves our county in so many ways.

There are three primary ways in which ECCF works to support and strengthen nonprofits:


ECCF awards over $4 million per year from our donor funds to nonprofit organizations, 70% of which support programs right here in Essex County. In addition, ECCF offers 8 competitive grant programs that accept proposals for funding.


ECCF's Institute for Trustees is an annual conference for board members and executive directors of nonprofit organizations to learn about all aspects of successful nonprofit management.

Agency Funds

Many Essex County nonprofits have entrusted the Foundation with management of their organization's endowment or reserve funds. Agency Funds provide an easy and protected vehicle for organizations to invest in the future and for donors to give knowing their donations will help ensure the long term sustainability of the nonprofit.  We would welcome the opportunity to talk with you about establishing an agency fund for your nonprofit. Please see our Start a Fund page.

Support for Students

ECCF supports young people in our communities who are pursuing further education, whether it is through tuition paying secondary school, higher education or post graduate education.  By partnering with donors who create innovative scholarship opportunities we help provide access to funding for education.  See Scholarships for more info.