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Dave Caruso, Financial Planner of the Year, Shares award with ECCF

Dave Caruso, FP of the Year, shares award with ECCF
Press Release
Tuesday, July 9, 2013
Dave Caruso with check

Dave Caruso, donor and friend of ECCF, was named 2013 Financial Planner of the Year by the Financial Planners Association of Massachusetts, and named ECCF as the beneficiary of his $1000 gift. We asked Dave why he chose ECCF.

He said, "Being a North Shore & Essex County resident for almost 25 years, I have found ECCF to be one of the most responsive organizations I’ve worked with and provide amazing services to nonprofits that truly need help. Their annual Institute for Trustees is the best that I’ve ever attended and wouldn’t miss it for even a Celtics or Red Sox game! I feel that focusing on those in your own neighborhood and backyards is a far better choice for me!

I’ve dedicated my career to better educate, entertain and help people get their arms around handling their financial affairs. I feel that the type of education, knowledge and financial assistance ECCF provides is in total support of my life vision."

Thanks Dave!

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