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ECCF County Leadership Council

ECCF County Leadership Council

Helping to strengthen the 34 cities and towns of Essex County.

Essex County is a wonderful place to live, work and raise a family. We have great strengths, but we also face great challenges that affect our entire region.

ECCF believes that to overcome these countywide challenges, and to truly strengthen the 34 cities and towns of Essex County, we must do it together. ECCF’s County Leadership Council was born from this premise, that by gathering passionate and dedicated individuals from across Essex County, we can harness the power to overcome our biggest obstacles and work to maximinze our opportunities. 

This board of volunteers convenes two times a year for strategy sessions around topics important to ECCF and its mission. They bring insight and perspective from around the County and advise ECCF and our Trustees. 

ECCF’s 2017 County Leadership Council

Karen Ansara Courtney Kagan
Ryan Barrett John Keenan
Polly Beyer Holly Langer
Scott Beyer Stratton Lloyd
Jennifer Borggaard Bill Masterson
Tom Burger Colleen McMillan
John Byrnes Tim Murnane
Mollie Byrnes Jean Nichols
Ana Colmenero Bernadette Orr
George Cushing Jennifer Perkin
Naomi Dalessandro Derek Reed
David Dearborn Rebecca Riff
Linda Durkin Julie Riordan
Tom Durkin Pat Riordan
Jennifer Eddy Andree Robert
Tom Eddy Mary Sarris
Patricia Gentile Peter Schwarzenbach
Lane Glenn Priscilla Schwarzenbach
Becky Hallowell David Tory
Jim Horrocks Carol Townsend
Bob Howell Jean Verbridge
Ralph James