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Types of Funds

Types of Funds

Donor Advised Funds

A donor advised fund is the most popular and versatile type of fund. It is similar to a private foundation but without all the administrative duties, public exposure, payout requirements and expense. Every donor has unique charitable interests.  A donor advised fund allows you to be directly involved and recommend the amount and timing of grants to the charitable organizations of your choice. 

Designated Funds

A designated fund's intent is to support a specific nonprofit organization in perpetuity. You may name one or more organizations to receive annual grants from your Fund.

Scholarship Funds

A scholarship fund enables you to support individuals who might otherwise be unable to complete or continue their education. Scholarships may be awarded for secondary or post-secondary education or for camperships. Scholarships may also be awarded for individual achievement. Scholarship funds are often chosen to memorialize a loved one or honor a special person or community. This is a highly personal way to directly improve the lives of young people.

Corporate Funds

For a corporation, a corporate fund can be structured to meet the charitable and employee-involvement goals of your company. These funds are a convenient, flexible way for companies to invest in the communities they and their employees care about most. Our expert staff will work with your company to develop a customized, tax- effective corporate philanthropy programs focused on making a measurable impact.

Field of Interest Funds

A field of interest fund allows a donor(s) to target an area of philanthropic interest, whether it be a geographic region, type of program, or segment of the population. It is often used for collaborative giving— bringing like-minded donors together to pool contributions for high impact solutions to specific community needs. The Fund's advisory committee recommends grantees which best match that field of interest .

Agency Funds

An agency fund can help create a stable financial future for a nonprofit organization by guarding and growing assets. The Community Foundation handles all administrative responsibilities and investment oversight, stewards the fund for the organization’s long-term needs and ensures assets are reserved for the purposes for which they were established. An agency fund may be used for specific purposes such as a capital campaign or to build an endowment.

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