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Potholes, Horses and Modern Day Good Samaritans

Potholes, Horses and Modern Day Good Samaritans
Wednesday, November 5, 2014

On one of those heavy days of rain just before Halloween last week, the husband of ECCF’s program assistant Joan Henkels was driving home from work on Lawrence Road in Boxford. His car suddenly hit a pothole and one of the tires blew. Craig managed to pull the car into the entrance of Windrush Farms, but when he realized his cell phone battery had died, he knew he was in trouble. He’d need an extra hand or two propping up the car to change the tire. In the pouring rain. As the sky darkened.

Craig was digging in his trunk when two teenage boys and their mothers drove past and saw the stranded motorist. The boys had just finished volunteering at Windrush as part of a partnership program with St. John’s Prep School as they slowed down to offer help. Together, they joined Craig in battling the storm and jacking up the car.

When farm manager Roland Dudney drove by and asked if they needed help, the team of Good Samaritans seemed to have it under control. Roland was on his way to do an errand and said he would stop on his way back if they were still there. They were.

Soaked and tired, no one could get the tire off the rim. It just wouldn't budge.  But when Roland gave it a big kick, the loosened tire popped right off. 

“I am happy to know that all worked out okay and everyone was safe,” said Mandy Hogan, executive director of Windrush Farm, which is celebrating 50 years of service in the community. “It’s amazing how humbling these things can be. But if we all learn from such situations about helping others, that’s what makes a difference.”

That’s for sure. Craig made it home safely that night and because many Windrush staff members participate in ECCF workshops, Joan was able to track down the roadside heroes so she and her husband could express their gratitude. “Craig learned many valuable lessons that night,” she said. “Mostly, that no matter how prepared you are, sometimes you just need the help of a Good Samaritan or two.”

Many thanks to St. John's Prep students Hans Morris and Maxwell Perry, their mothers Jen Wright and Shelley Cheche, and farm manager Roland Dudney for their good deed!

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