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Dave Welbourn, CEO/President, to Retire in December 2014

Dave Welbourn, CEO/President, to Retire in December 2014
Press Release
Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Danvers, MA— For over four decades, ECCF CEO/President Dave Welbourn has focused his career on developing resources for the growth of nonprofit institutions. During his six-year tenure at ECCF, his vision for enhancing the quality of life across Essex County has turned the Community Foundation into a flagship resource for philanthropists and nonprofits across Massachusetts.

Welbourn will retire December 1, 2014.  ECCF’s Board of Trustees is expected to announce his successor by November.

Before coming to ECCF in 2008, Welbourn served as senior vice president at the Lahey Clinic, and in senior leadership at the University of Vermont and Tufts, raising a half-billion dollars throughout his career. Because of his philosophy that “together we can do more,” Welbourn created and positioned numerous programs at ECCF, promoting philanthropy in donor advised funds and scholarships while strengthening nonprofits through workshops and strategic grants. Since 2008, Welbourn has attracted over $32 million in funds to date to develop ECCF capacity, increase staff and implement new processes of efficiency.

“Dave came into ECCF at a critical time in its life and was fundamental to its turnaround and increasing success ever since,” said Joe Grimaldi, ECCF Trustee Emeritus and Chairman of Mullen Advertising. “He is an inspirational advocate of collective philanthropy who led us to set our sights higher and kept us motivated to making the greater good a reality. He has been an extraordinary gift to Essex County.”

Specifically, Welbourn’s passion for affordable, professional training for nonprofit leaders resulted in the Center for Nonprofit Excellence and the Institute for Trustees; both of which now draw hundreds of nonprofit leaders, Trustees and staff annually. Likewise, he has built ECCF’s reputation as a trusted steward and wealth management guide while engaging next generation philanthropists and building confidence with donors. His collaborative work with Lawrence school district brought dozens of charitable projects into schools to rebuild educational services.

In addition to increasing the prominence of ECCF’s Youth at Risk annual conference, which provides training for thousands of New England professionals working with troubled youth, Welbourn is a sought after speaker. He gives regular counsel and presentations across the state, and the Council of Foundations selected him to speak for its 2014 national conference. He has led dozens of nonprofit board “Advances,” and continues to be an active member of the Andover community where he and his wife live. Welbourn holds a Master of Arts in English from the University of Vermont and a Bachelor of Arts in economics from Bates College.

“Dave has a remarkable, deep knowledge of Essex County’s rich history and is a bona fide expert on the county’s nonprofit sector as well. It’s a potent combination that has brought context and perspective to all of ECCF’s work for the betterment of the county’s citizens,” said Jon Payson, Chair of the ECCF Board of Trustees. “Dave is also an extraordinarily warm, generous, thoughtful, articulate, and empathetic individual. We’ve been very lucky to enjoy his leadership and friendship these many years, and will really miss him.”

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