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Grantee Publicity Guidelines

Grantee Publicity Guidelines

ECCF is pleased to have provided a grant to your organization. Please include an acknowledgement of the Foundation’s funding of your projects in your press releases, website, newsletters, brochures, annual reports or other promotional materials related to the project. By doing so, you will help your community understand how the Community Foundation supports outstanding nonprofit organizations in the region. The following information will help you learn about ways to fulfill this obligation of your grant acceptance.

Publicly Acknowledging Your Grant

Use the following text to list your grant: 'Funding for the XYZ Program was provided by the XYZ Fund of the Essex County Community Foundation.' If the fund was not listed in your grant award letter, simply put 'Funding for the XYZ Agency Program was provided by the Essex County Community Foundation."

ECCF Statement

Use the following ECCF statement in your press releases.

The mission of the Essex County Community Foundation is to strengthen the communities of Essex County. We do this by promoting philanthropy and managing charitable assets, making grants and engaging in strategic community leadership.

Foundation logos

Our logo is available for websites and printed materials. We recommend (but do not require) that you include it on your website as a symbol of ECCF's confidence in your work.  Please use the following guidelines:

  • If you post our logo on your website, please link it to www.eccf.org.
  • Do not alter the logo in any way or distort by stretching its width or height.
  • Do not display the logo in a manner that implies sponsorship or endorsement without explicit permission from the Foundation. Usage of the logo is limited to acknowledging your grant from the Foundation.

We use different formats for websites and print documents. Click on the appropriate link below, then right click image and choose 'save image as'.

For questions or issues, please contact Michelle Curran, Communications Director at communications@eccf.org.