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Setting up a Fund

Setting up a Fund

Setting up a charitable fund is a wonderful option for clients who have a strong interest in a particular cause and/or want to be actively engaged in their philanthropy. ECCF staff is here to help your client determine the type of fund that best suits their philanthropic goals. We work closely with hundreds of nonprofits in the county, and can help advise your client about community needs and programs working within your clients' philanthropic interests.

ECCF manages the fund, taking care of all the administrative duties, investment management and grantmaking processes. This leaves your client to enjoy the gift of giving hassle free.

Opening a Fund – Four Easy Steps

Starting a fund at ECCF is easy, and can be opened with as little as $1,000 (with a $10,000 minimum balance by the end of the first year).

Step 1. Decide which type of fund is most appropriate for your client's intent.

Step 2. Name the fund.

Step 3. Complete the Donor Agreement Form.

Step 4. Transfer assets to the fund. See Ways to Give.

ECCF staff is ready and happy to meet with you in person, by phone or email, to help answer any questions and to assist with choices on fund distributions, fund investment options and, for certain types of funds, naming fund advisors. Our staff can also help with scholarship application details, fundraisers and information on community needs.

For those wishing to establish a memorial fund in honor of a recently deceased loved one, know that a fund may be established in a matter of hours, deferring distribution and other decisions to a later time.

Once the fund is established, your client will join ECCF’s family of fundholders. We will invest the fund’s assets in our investment pools, and all donors to the fund will receive an immediate tax deduction. Your client will receive quarterly reports on the fund’s activities, as well as ECCF communications on issues facing the community.