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Institute for Trustees

Institute for Trustees

The Institute for Trustees is an all-day conference for boards of directors, boards of trustees and executive directors of nonprofit organizations. This annual event features presentations from the region's leading experts on board development, financial sustainability, fundraising, strategic planning, board/staff relations and more. The day promotes thought provoking discussion on timely topics facing boards of all sizes and expertise, as well as networking opportunities with hundreds of peers equally committed to their leadership roles.

For a look at what the IFT is all about, please watch: CATCH THE SPIRIT!

March 24, 2018
8:30 - 4:30pm
Pingree School, Hamilton MA

About the Institute

ECCF believes that a well functioning board is one of the most important assets a nonprofit organization can have. The board provides oversight, sets long term goals, establishes policies, and watches over the finances. After years of providing consulting services to boards and executive directors, ECCF recognized the need for training on a larger scale and in 2010, established the Institute for Trustees. It is an intensive day of training, sharing and networking for board members across the region.

Over 1600 board members and executive directors have participated in ECCF's Institute for Trustees, many returning multiple years. 

"If I could only attend one conference a year, it would be this one."

"Excellent event - well worth it.  I WILL attend future events, keep in touch with the Institute and tell others about the great work you are doing."

Who Should Attend 

The Institute is offered to board members and executive directors of nonprofit organizations. Executive Directors may attend only if at least one board member from their organization also attends. The IFT is designed to provide education, training and best practice for first year board members as well as the most seasoned Trustees.  Each year new workshops and keynote topics are offered for returning participants.  The program provides all participants with the skills and knowledge they will need to effectively lead their organizations and the opportunity to meet and share with others who serve neighboring nonprofits.