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For Fundholders

For Fundholders

As a donor or fund advisor we are honored to partner with you in your charitable giving. The information below will help you manage your fund, and serve as a resource for your grantmaking.

Managing Your Fund

Our goal is to make grantmaking from your fund hassle free.  We are a small but responsive staff, and are here to help you with any questions you have about your fund or the grantmaking process.

  • DonorCentral

    DonorCentral is an online portal to your Fund’s information. It provides access to fund balances, quarterly statements, grant making history as well as forms to recommend a grant from your Fund. Each Fund is entitled to one login account at no charge. Please contact us if you would like to use DonorCentral for your Fund. If you already have a login, access DonorCentral.

  • Establishing a Password

    To get started with your grantmaking, every fundholder has the option of establishing a password so they can make grant recommendations online, directly through ECCF's website. Grant recommendations by mail or fax are also accepted. See Grant Recommendation Form.

    Passwords are used to protect the distribution from your fund. Joan Henkels, Donor Services Officer, will establish your password with you. She can be reached at 978-777-8876 x20 or j.henkels@eccf.org.

  • Advisor Changes
    Fundholders find it necessary at times to change advisors to their fund.  All changes must be made in writing from the donor to ECCF, and sent to Julie Bishop, Vice President for Philanthropy, j.bishop@eccf.org or mailed to 175 Andover Street, Danvers, MA 01923.
  • Forms

Adding to your Fund

You or other donors may add to your fund at any time.  ECCF accepts cash via check, stock or wire, online donations. All gifts of $250 or more will receive a tax letter from ECCF. For donations under $250, the IRS accepts a cancelled check as proof of the donation.

  • Donation Page
    Fund holders are invited to have a donation page created specifically for their fund at no charge. To set up a page, please complete this form, http://www.eccf.org/fund-donation-page-form. Generally it takes 3 business days to create the page.
  • Fundraising
    We are happy to accept donations of the proceeds of fundraising events, however donors will not receive tax benefits unless donations are made directly to the fund.
  • Stock Transfer
    Gifts of stock and other securities have many advantages. Learn more.
  • End of the Year Giving
    For a fund to receive tax credits for a calendar year, donations must arrive and be processed by ECCF no later than December 31. Please keep holidays in mind when planning your gift.
  • Estate Plans
    Your fund is a great mechanisim to continue supporting charitable causes beyond your lifetime. A fund can be included in a will or designated for memorial gifts in your honor. Your fund may also be listed as the beneficiary of a retirement fund. It can also be transferred to an endowed fund upon your death so that designated charities will continue to receive gifts in your name in perpetuity. See Ways to Give for more about planned giving.

Making Grant Recommendations

  • Eligibility
    Grants from community foundation funds are restricted to charitable or educational nonprofit programs. Grants may be made to organizations throughout the United States and abroad. ECCF cannot approve grant recommendations to the following:
    • Organizations that are not public charities
    • Individuals, with the exception of scholarships or awards from Scholarship Funds
    • Grants for lobbying or political campaigns
    • Payments for a pledge
    • Grants that provide a private benefit to the donor, such as a membership or payment for goods or services
  • ECCF's grant procedures

    ECCF fundholders are not required to make annual grant awards from their fund.  When a donor wants to make a grant award, they must submit a Grant Recommendation Form. ECCF staff will ensure that the recommendation meets the donor's intent for the fund, and that the organization has nonprofit tax exempt status. Grant recommendations are then approved by ECCF's Board of Trustees. On average, the process takes about 10-12 business days from when the grant recommendation form is received to when the check is sent to the nonprofit. In the event that it becomes essential for a grant to be processed in less than 10 days, you will need to contact Joan Henkels at j.henkels@eccf.org.

    ECCF receives many grant recommendations at the end of each calendar year. We ask that you submit grant recommedations no later than December 10 in order for us to complete the grant processing by year's end.

    For scholarship funds, the Scholarship Selection Committee recommends scholarships. These recommendations are sent to ECCF using the Scholarship Recommendation Form, and are due by May 5 for awards going to high school seniors. The ECCF Board of Trustees approves all awards. ECCF prepares the award letter, which is typically presented to the student at their high school scholarship recipient award ceremony. Recipients are required to complete a short Scholarship Acceptence and Verification Form by June 30.  As a safeguard, all scholarship checks are made out to both the student and the college, and mailed to the college's business office. Students endorse the check once they arrive on campus.

  • Notification
    All grants are sent from ECCF with a letter from the Vice President for Philanthropy. The letter includes the name of the fund and the donor's name and address (if the donor wishes). The letter is accompanied by a Grant Acknowledgement and Acceptence of Terms Form which the nonprofit signs upon receipt of the grant. 
  • Anonymity
    You may wish to make some or all of your grants anonymously.  Please indicate on your grant recommendation form if you prefer your name not appear on the grant award letter.

Grantmaking Resources

  • Nonprofit Directory
    The Nonprofit Directory is a listing of all nonprofits in Essex County, and is searchable by town and/or category. It can be of great value when searching for nonprofits to support in your area of interest.
  • Annual Charitable Giving Guide
    ECCF compiles an annual list of recommended nonprofit organizations for consideration for our fundholders' annual giving. These nonprofits have previously received grants through one of the Foundation's competitive grantmaking programs, and a site visit and thorough review has been conducted by a grant committee member. The Annual Charitable Giving Guide highlights a variety of inspiring charitable work taking place in Essex County. It is compiled and distributed to our fundholders each November.

Fundholder Events

ECCF hosts several events each year for our fundholders and donors. We also invite fundholders to join us on our site visits to grantees of the Greater Lawrence Summer Fund. Learn more on our Fundholder Events page.