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Blog: The Giving County Chronicles

Falling into a New Grant Season
August 4, 2014

August already?! How’d that happen? Just as summer flies past us and a new school year is about to begin, ECCF’s new grant cycle for the fall will get here before we know it. So find your desk, pick up a pen (or a lap top) and consider one of three upcoming grants.

When New Board Members Get Oriented
July 25, 2014

Four new members have joined the ECCF Board of Trustees and on Thursday, July 24th, each arrived at our Danvers office for a two and a half hour orientation, receiving both their figurative torches and literal handbooks.

The new Trustees include Benjamin Chigier of Manchester, Benigno Espaillat of Methuen, Tracy Abedon Filosa of Ipswich, and Joe Knowles of Manchester. (Learn more about the new Trustees HERE). Peppering the ECCF staff with questions, the group was both enthusiastic and insightful.

Tangible Good for Lawrence Children
July 21, 2014

Boats, squash and spotlights comprised just a handful of features on the first of the ECCF’s two summer visits to the city of Lawrence. As a part of the Betty Beland Greater Lawrence Summer Fund (GLSF), staff, Trustees and friends took a road-trip throughout the Lawrence/Andover area, seeing the fruit of the summer fund in action.

The Prize of Ipswich
July 8, 2014

Last year, Ken Hoelzl, Santander Bank manager in Ipswich, was particularly glad one day when he received a memo from the bank's corporate office. It was challenging local branches to look for ways to give back to their communities, and was just the opportunity Ken had been waiting for.

Tweet, Say, Learn: ECCF Hosts Social Media Workshop
July 3, 2014

This week was full of all things Twitter as friends of ECCF joined us for two social media workshops. Staff and board members came to learn with both minds and thumbs at the ready. While participants learned how, why and if they should join the social media world, it didn’t take long before questions and tweets took flight.

Where's Dave?
Lights, Camera and a Thursday Worth Celebrating
June 27, 2014

Thursday was a good day. Most days are, Dave says, but June 26 was particularly inspiring.  First, Dave arrived at the Community Day Charter Public School in Lawrence to meet with a very special philanthropist.

Beginning a Discussion to End an Outrage: Human Trafficking
June 24, 2014

It was a beautiful summer morning but the topic of discussion was anything but. Karen Ansara (pictured), ECCF board member, and Rachel Pohl, committee member of The Women's Fund of Essex County, knew it would be tough, but the increasingly troubling trend of human trafficking in today's world needed a focused conversation.

Advisers Get Moving with Marketing Meeting
June 16, 2014

What's the deal with e-books for organizations? Why bother with testimonials? And do we really need social media . . . really?

Banking on Good Ideas for Nonprofit Boards
June 12, 2014

Wednesday morning, part of the ECCF team hit the road, coffee in hand, and traveled up 1A from Danvers to Newburyport for a Center for Nonprofit Excellence workshop. The Newburyport Five Cent Savings Bank in historic downtown Newburyport graciously hosted the workshop

Where's Dave?
Ties in the Community
June 11, 2014

No, CEO Dave Welbourn did not wear this tie on Tuesday when he drove south to the Office of the Attorney General's Nonprofit and Charities conference in Norwood. 

The Wild Ride on ECCF's Board
June 10, 2014

As Monday night's board meeting came to a close, champaigne corks popped and tributes began for two members whose terms had just officially ended, Joe Grimaldi (r) and Michael Prior (l).

Joe joined the board in 2007 and served on the development and sustainability committee as well as board chair for two years. Michael began in 2006 and also served on the development and sustainability committee. That's a combined 15 years of service, with each attending 40+ meetings, dedicating almost 200 hours to ECCF business, and countless conversations in between! 

On YAR2014, Tweets and Hope
June 5, 2014

By Carissa Collins

Before attending my first YAR 2014 conference, I grabbed what every social media intern needs, a reporter’s notebook and a smartphone, and arrived at Endicott College. My job was not only to experience this one-of-a-kind conference but to live-tweet throughout. What I didn’t realize was how inspiring and full the day would be!

Where's Dave?
From the Airwaves to Andover's Caring Community
June 3, 2014

While some ECCF staff members were busy getting the campus of Endicott College ready for tomorrow's Youth At Risk conference, Dave Welbourn was getting make up.

When Buildings Need an Open Door—and Maybe a Grant
May 29, 2014

Our ECCF office in Danvers gets a lot of great vistiors coming by for lots of great reasons. Today, Kelly Hartnett, Development Coordinator at SHED Inc. in Andover, MA, stopped by to research grants at our EBSCO-funded Grants Resource Center in the corner of our office.

SHED is a non-profit, out-of-school time organization dedicated to providing children and families with a safe, nurturing, supportive environment which encourages independence and individual growth.

Interns Make Summer Splash at ECCF
May 27, 2014

They could be at the beach or backpacking throughout Europe. Instead, college students Emma Gaquin and Carissa Collins are generously offering their talents and skills to ECCF as summer interns.


Stamp Out Hunger, One Bag at a Time
May 22, 2014

On her way to work today, Julie Bishop, ECCF’s VP of donors and services, dropped off a bunch of these extra bags to Beverly Bootstraps and the Open Door in Gloucester. (These are her arms holding up the bag—she’s a little camera shy!) The two food banks are part of the 60 organizations that make up ECCF’s Hunger Relief Project.

Where's Dave?
May 21: From CLASS in Lawrence to Luncheon for Windrush Farm (with budget and emails in between)
May 21, 2014

It was scheduled as brief morning chat, followed by a tour. Instead ECCF’s CEO Dave Welbourn stayed for nearly two hours with the exceptional leaders at CLASS, an agency that has provided services to individuals with disabilities for over 30 years across the Merrimack Valley. Family and community supporters established the Citizen's League for Adult Special Services—now known as CLASS—which today provides an amazing range of services to over 400 individuals and families.